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Basic Obedience

Obedience implies compliance with directional or verbal commands given by the owner or handler. These commands may include Sit, Down, Recall (Come/Here), Place and more.

With that, we also guide you through proper leash walking and positive socialization. 

Sport & Trick Training

This curriculum focuses on getting you and your dog more involved in the competitive industry of

dog sports and also offers a collection of specialty performance tricks! Some of these may require a certain degree of basic or advanced obedience as well as owner involvement.

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification involves replacing the incompatible behaviors with compatible behaviors. This includes but is not limited to learning management techniques, conditioning and shaping new behaviors, desensitizing a particular provocation, or teaching a dog to respond in a different manner to a particular event.


In times of your absence, we have found your dog will fair far better in your home over anywhere else. Our Boarding program offers a safe, reliable and healthy alternative to kenneling!

With responsible and experienced caretakers

you can enjoy your time away knowing your canines are cared for!

Advanced Obedience

The core goal of our Advanced Obedience program is to refine the partnership between dog and handler and to raise the quality of your existing commands. Whether that be off leash training, high volume socialization, or just strengthening your current training!


Our walking service is here to help make sure your dog's daily needs are met while you're away or at work. Walking can be done by either a professional trainer or one of our experienced walkers. During this time, your dog is given the chance to relieve themselves and get out some energy.

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